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Transition of Life

60 min session $180.00

90 min session $230.00

all sessions can be done remotely or in person

Help your self or your loved one leave the body healthily with peace.  Feel closure for the family and friends that will be left on earth. This is also very helpful if you are ready to go but having trouble leaving.   

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without wondering if they are going to be okay after their transition out of the body.  Grief is very real and is a process we all have to go through no matter how prepared we think we are for the loss.  

I will look at the energy of you or your loved one, clear the ties that are holding you/them to this planet and help answer any questions about what it will look like as you move on to the astral plane.  I can call in your other passed loved ones and make sure they are ready to guide you as you cross over.  

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