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Private Session
60 min session $180.00
90 min session $230.00
60min couples session $230

all sessions available in person or remotely

Clear stuck energy and get answers to your difficult questions on how to move forward .  Receive clarity in your next steps.  Speak with your guides and passed loved ones.  Heal areas in your space that are causing dis-ease. 

When you arrive you will join me in my office and sit across from me as I go into a meditation.  I will look at your energy and describe what is most present in your life now; the things that are getting in your way of moving out of the past or future and into the present.  I will do my best to answer all of your questions during our session.  And will clear the energy that is most stuck.  

Group Session
$180 base plus $50 for each additional participants per hour
Parties: 4 hour minimum starting at $500

Girls night in.  Bring me to your evening of self-care where I will read each member of the group.  In a group setting we can explore your passed loved ones, do tarot readings, and more.  This is an evening of bonding, opening, and transformation, and most!
Tarot available as well

5 session Journey of Self-Discovery
5 sessions $2500
Session 1-Uncovering the problems and bringing awareness
Session 2- Learn tools to deal with the old stuff and break
Session 3- A thorough release of people and energies
                    -aura clearing, chakra clearing, cord cutting
Session 4- Break Karma and find your joy
Session 5- Self-Empowerment through meditation, a 
                    preparation of living a purposeful life. 


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