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I'm Jodi Harary, Owner and Operator of Healing Circus. 


My original vision for this business was a collective where healers could come to be supportive of one another and leave the competition out.  There are plenty of healers out there and many different modalities,  and I believe we all have something special to share that is unlike anyone else's gift. 

My life has not been easy, like most people.  I suffered from severe alcoholism as a youth into my late twenties.  The last 11 years with a clear head has made for quite the self discovery.  I practiced massage therapy for many years and 3 years into my sobriety I started seeing my clients Passed Relatives as I worked on them.  Each time I mentioned what was happening, my clients were often brought to tears.  I  did not feel equipped to support them in their reactions so I sought out education.  I found a school that taught me very simple and effective tools to be supportive and also to help me with my own protection. I quickly started teaching these tools after completing a Spiritual Teaching Program.  I feel the tools I use to read are invaluable to anyone who wants to know themselves better and would like to have healthy boundaries in order to be their best selves and live their best lives. And that is what I feel I am doing now, living my best life, and being my best self.  Which means loving all parts of my personality no matter what. 

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